If you are looking for small or large hidden masterpieces of craftsmanship and you would like to learn more about the local culture, including the food, then this tour is the best. Discover the essence of these markets for a dive in our habits and customs.




Antique Fair in Arezzo

Founded in 1968, it was the first antiquarianism manifestation to have a regular basis (never missed one of its monthly meetings) and long-term success in a unique setting: the heart of the medieval city of Arezzo and its History.

The exhibitors are now more than 500, coming from all over Italy offering their items with a very broad overview of the cultural traditions and regional consumption: an inexhaustible source of research for small and large collectors.

The achievement in the time of the event has meant that, alongside outdoor exposure, the number of antique shops has grown. There are exhibitions from most traditional shops whose setting still reflects in many cases the same diversity that is found in their interiors where furniture, paintings and objects, different from each other, not only for age but also for their quality, are mixed in a "messy" order, leaving the visitor the pleasure of discovery.


Here is a list of weekly markets, usually open in the morning, which will fill your day in a pleasant and surprising way:



Foiano della Chiana: Old Town Center - food.
Radda in Chianti: food market - Open on afternoons of the fouth monday of each month.


Anghiari: Old Town Center - general market.
Sansepolcro: In the streets around the center - food market.


Civitella in Val di Chiana: small food market.
Monte S.Savino: Old Town Center - general market.




Lucignano: objects of local production.
Montevarchi: objects of local production.
Montepulciano: local products.
Trequanda: food market. Open each first Thursday of the month.


Castiglion Fiorentino: miscellaneous / articles of local production.
Montalcino: fresh local food.
Pienza: food market.  


Cortona: locally grown fruits and vegetables. Open in the morning.
Arezzo: every first Saturday of the month it takes place from 10 AM to 8 PM in Piazza Sant'Agostino, the market of organic farming products with: vegetables, fruits, olive oil, wine, cheese, bread, pasta, cakes, truffles, meats, honey, ice cream, sauces, preserves, flowers and plants.


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