If you have adventure in your blood, or you just like to walk and enjoy the scenery, Villa Senaia is a perfect midpoint for various pathways, to get around either on foot or by bicycle.

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Below we list two paths, categorized by level of difficulty:

  • "Path of the Mills", totally flat, along the bank of the river Vingone;
  • "Path of the Castles", on the tops of the hills that surround the valley, the most difficult one.




 Path of the Mills

This course, with considerable historical significance and scenic environment, offers the opportunity for genuine moments of relax and fun outdoors away from sources of pollution and noise in Val di Chio. Along the track you can perform body free gymnastic exercises or fitness with the help of signs. The name is inspired by the numerous places that characterize the location and witness their ancient function, like Mulin Nuovo, Mulino Bianco, Mulino Zoppo, Mulinacci etc...

Get directions from Villa Senaia to the start of path


 Path of the Castles

The course is developed on top of the ridge of hills forming the watershed between two opposite sides and is also called the path of the castles, because the headlands emerging places along the way were used as lookout posts and control of the territory.

The ideal starting point for this path is Piazzale Garibaldi where you will find the board number 1. From here you can schedule daily loop walk along the ridge, or follow other paths, take walks shorter and less demanding. The track is easily identifiable because they entered the territory between the routes of the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) and is therefore marked with the classic red and white signs.

It rises quickly and the panoramic views over the valleys of Chiana and Chio, increase in beauty with increasing elevation, reaching its maximum near the peak of the mountain at about 760 m asl.

At this point there are three options:

  1. Return to the starting point along the beautiful and scenic of the Palazzo del Pero Provincial Road No. 40 in the direction of Castiglion Fiorentino;
  2. Descend in the Val di Chio down near the village of Santa Margherita through the steep road that follows the ridge;
  3. Continue the way to Monte Cometa and the town of Caldesi always following the CAI signs. Go through the path until you climb the ridge on the crest of the mountain from where it dominates the entire Valley, where it's easy to recognize the various significant places such as castles and villages. Just before Caldesi there is the sign to reach the countries of Collesecco and S. Cristina. Going forward, the trail climbs gradually and you can see more clearly the ruined houses built on Monte Cometa where once stood the castle of which no traces remain today. Just after passed the remains of houses, turn right and follow the directions on the sign that points the way to the Castle of Montanina.

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